Synapse DOSE

Synapse Dose is the Fujifilm solution for the management and monitoring of the radiant dose, fully adhering to the indications provided by DIRECTIVE 2013/59 / EURATOM.

Synapse Dose is the tool to support the various professional figures involved in the process of reducing the risks deriving from the medical exposures of patients to ionizing radiation, by optimizing radiological procedures and acquisition protocols, carrying out clinical audits and creating of a complete dosimetric history of the patient. General and specific dashboards by type of modality keep track of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure productivity, to guarantee the quality of the processes and to support the quality of care.
Synapse Dose is able to calculate the Derived Quantities, also automatically through integration with Virtual Phantoms, to allow the generation of statistical analyzes and represented graphs of the trend.
Vendor Neutral
Independent of Fujifilm systems (RIS, PACS, mode); Adhering to market standards (DICOM, HL7); Integration with PACS systems and diagnostic modes
Multi Site
A single Synapse Dose system to support multi-garrison and multi-territorial installations, thanks to the modular and Cloud oriented architecture
Uniformity of information
Propagation of changes in patient information (Insert / merge / update) via HL7 from source systems
Interdisciplinary Team
To support the decision-making process of the Dose Team of Doctors, Physicists, Radiology Technicians, Medical Management, Clinical Engineering, ensuring a high degree of flexibility thanks to user profiling
Ability to obscure and anonymize patients and studies
Optimization of the diagnostic quality:
Visual correlation of the dosimeter indices and comparison of the equipment to optimize the acquisition procedures in compliance with the ALARA principle and with reference to the Diagnostic Reference Levels (LDR)
Dosimetric history of the patient
Visualization of the information detail dynamically traveling from the Patient visualization mode, to the Study mode, to the Execution mode, to the Detail by Irradiation Event
Guidelines setting
Thanks to the collection of exposure data, Synapse Dose helps the professionals involved in the setting and revision of guidelines on the radiation dose in their Radiology Department
Clinical Audits
Thanks to the comparison between equipment and different dosimetric indexes it is possible to improve the diagnostic quality and evaluate the opportunity to subject a patient to a procedure according to his Dosimetric History
Alert systems
Synapse Dose is able to automatically set and generate fully customizable Alerts based on specific events
Calculation of derived quantities
Synapse dose allows the calculation of derived quantities for RX, TC and XA modes, in manual or automatic mode, thanks to the integration with Virtual Phantoms
Print and Export
Synapse Dose allows you to print and export each task / statistics and reporting documents for the patient's dosimetric history
Dosimetric Data Nuclear Medicine
Through HL7 integration with the management and data collection systems in the Hot Chamber, Synapse Dose is able to manage the dosimetric data relating to the administration of the radiopharmaceutical
Generic and specific dashboards
They allow immediate visualization of the data through specially designed graphic representations

Synapse dose main features:

  • Collection of display parameters and dosimetric indexes from diagnostic methods DR, MG, CT, XA from any PACS system.
  • Extraction of information through:
    • DICOM files of type RDSR (Radiation Dose Structured Report)
    • DICOM header of images
    • OCR (Optical Recognition Character) analysis of the Dose Ratio
    • MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step)
  • Modular, Cloud oriented architecture, easy to manage and which allows use even in Multi-site reality
  • Creation of the Patient Dosimetric History
  • User profiling to allow diversified access to the application by all the professional figures of the Dose Team
  • Evaluation of the work progress from a dosimetric point of view through the general system dashboard
  • Evaluation of the dosimetric trend of each type of modality over time, through specific dashboards
  • Display of the reference images (Scout for CT or each single image for the other typologies) in the form of icons / thumbnails
  • Vendor-neutral approach that allows communication with any RIS-PACS system
  • Support for the optimization of radiological procedures and acquisition protocols
  • Support for the execution of clinical audits
  • Possibility of communication of information to the patient, with the indication of the dose data within the radiological report
  • Normalization of the Study Description and Protocol fields
  • Possibility of applying a machine data correction factor
  • Privacy Management (Darkening / Anonymization)
  • Management of the Diagnostic Reference Levels (LDR) with fixed value (eg ICRP) or in dynamic mode (local LDR)
  • Alert system in case of exceeding the set thresholds or for repetition of studies
  • Advanced search through freely configurable filters
  • Print and export information in the most common formats
  • Management of the dosimetric data of Nuclear Medicine
  • Calculation of the derived quantities (Effective Dose, Peak Skin dose, Organ Dose, Size Specific Dose Estimate)
  • Graphical and tabular representation of the following information for each modality type:
    • Scatter Time Plot
    • Scatter Age Plot
    • Distribution of Acquisition Type
    • Age / gender distribution
    • Scan Length Distribution (for CT exams)
    • Breast thickness distribution (for mammographic tests)
    • Distribution of the Compression Force (for Mammographic exams)
    • Breast Thickness Distribution for AGD (EUREF)
    • CTDIvol Distribution
    • Total Distribution (specific Dosimetric Index) per Study
    • Interquartile analysis of the dosimetric index by Study Description, Protocol, Age and Target Region

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