Synapse brings new value to health care and clinical confidence to medical facilities, with comprehensive, high performance, Medical Informatics Solutions

The latest offering of Fujifilm’s comprehensive Synapse line of software which includes Radiology and Cardiovascular PACS, Advanced Visualization and Processing systems, Vendor Neutral Archive, workflow managment systems and universal viewer for clinical imaging is transforming healthcare organizations as they are able to enhance collaboration and optimize information sharing and workflows across facilities.

SYNAPSE is the high quality software platform, enhanced everyday all around the world by multiple integrated Development Centers of the Fujifilm Group. Advanced professional services (from pre-sales to technical assistance) teams are led and managed by top experienced professionals. Enterprise Solutions powered by Synapse are specifically designed to:

  1. enhance capability of healthcare Organizations to improve values delivered to patients in terms of outcomes, thanks to the ability to optimize the clinical decision-making processes by healthcare professionals.
  2. optimize investments made in technologies by healthcare Organizations, focusing economic resources on patient information and on how to use them, i.e. on content and content management tools, not on storage devices.
  3. give opportunity to any healthcare Organization to increase its operational effectiveness and efficiency, to lower costs for operational processes, to increase reimbursements derived from improved measurement of services provided.
  4. leverage the synergies that can be activated among software applications: a solution based on Synapse Platform is more comprehensive and flexible in terms of functionalities and implementation processes.

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  • Top / Management
    • Economical advantage
      • Better purchasing power, leverage existing resources, improve internal processes

    • Strategical approach to medical imaging
      • Procurement of a core system for creating a healthcare “network” inside the Organization and in case of merges or acquisitions of various facilities.

    • Investments saving
      • Gain value for your Organization without the obligation for an immediate replacment of existing systems.

    • Improved Patient Care
      • Enable sharing of digital imaging across healthcare organisations. Medical professionals have access from any location and at any time to additional relevant patient information, regardless of where and when it is created.

    • Regulatory compliant Architecture
      • Assure highest level for data and information preservation, security, controlled access, privacy and reporting.

  • Non – Medical Units
    • Consolidation of data
      • Aggregate and store the full imaging data of the patient produced in multiple operational units at both hospital and wide-area levels.

    • Enhancing the access to information
      • Creation of a complete electronic medical / patient record system, open to the interaction of multiple kinds of viewing devices.

    • Easy management of total data
      • Manage the lifecycle of any stored information, according to attributes: production date / origin, specialty, size, access frequency, etc.

    • Flexibility
      • Evolution over time depending on changing needs of the Organization and on growing requirements about size and complexity of the underlying architecture.

    • Advanced image processing tools
      • Delivery of considerable diagnostic, clinical and surgical support to several medical services of the health care Organization, aimed to high quality processing and interdisciplinary cooperation between professionals.

    • Organization empowerment
      • Renovate Units and processes, aiming to a better coordination around the seamless flow of patient care procedures.

  • Diagnostic / Clinical / Surgery Units
    • Shared use of any “PACS”
      • Controlled access to information from any location and at any time. Real-time interaction between professionals.

    • Patient history
      • Creation of a complete digital imaging and information patient record with all the radiological / cardiological / clinical examinations and surgical operations.

    • High quality functional applications
      • Selection of best software tools to analyse and visualise medical imaging and information, depending on the specific needs.

    • Interoperability and collaboration
      • Boundaryless colloboration amongst medical professional as well as other stakeholders/vare providers within the patient's care pathway.

    • Patient care
      • Creation of a complete digital imaging and information patient record with all the radiological / cardiological / clinical examinations and surgical operations.

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The most valuable and adaptive Medical Informatics platform, to manage enterprise imaging and information in real time, as well as diagnostic and clinical workflow.