SYNAPSE 5 | FUJIFILM'S new generation PACS


Five Challenges. One Solution.

Today’s dynamic healthcare landscape presents greater clinical, technology, and regulatory challenges that impact radiology, IT, and the bottom line.

1 Need for speed. As datasets continue to grow, imaging departments are under pressure to have studies rapidly available on demand. The challenge is to be fast without sacrificing performance.
2 Burden on IT. Larger datasets with prior imaging (such as MG tomosynthesis studies) are becoming more common, significantly increasing bandwidth usage. Medical facilities are merging, resulting in more desktops to be managed within larger enterprises. The challenge is to overcome these growing trends—bandwidth strain, reduced speed, and greater overhead.
3 Concern for security. Medical facilities continually fight to protect the privacy of patients. The challenge is to implement a secure solution designed to manage PHI without risk of breach.
4 Need for an Enterprise Imaging framework. Clinical & IT administration is faced with growing imaging demands from enterprise consolidation and unique specialty requirements. The challenge is to provide not just a viewer, but an organizational solution that offers an enterprise imaging informatics platform constructed to support DICOM & non-DICOM workflows.
5 Drive to improve user efficiency. Healthcare providers always strive to deliver the best clinical outcomes. That mission is irrevocably tied to greater productivity more than ever. The challenge is to find solutions that help users work both effectively and efficiently.

Synapse 5 is the fastest way to address these challenges. It is next-generation secure server-side technology that enables instant access of massive datasets using the most popular browsers with at least half the bandwidth throughout the enterprise

Speed Built In.

The new Synapse 5 is designed with speed at the core. Since the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, Synapse 5 eliminates the stop between the server and the user. Studies are launched directly in the browser, with no desktop client download. No waiting for images to cache.


Even the largestimages are availabler with sub-second speed

Users simply log in and choose their preferred interface, including Internet Explorer or Chrome

Works with desktop or mobile solutions

Bandwidth Friendly.

Combat ever-growing bandwidth utilization.
Synapse 5 consumes at least 50% less.

Network utilization is on the rise.
Legacy PACS are resources that largely contribute to that bandwidth consumption.

Managing imaging from the server side to the display—on demand and as needed, versus moving studies and caching them—results in at least 50% less network utilization with Synapse 5. This represents significant dollars saved for hospital IT organizations.

Tighter Security.

Server side design is fundamental to securing PHI. Because the application runs on the server, there is no need to move the entire study to the desktop or mobile device.

Large Healthcare organizations face many threats to data security and data loss. FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. makes it easy to backup and restore with state-of-the-art cloud-based datacenters.

Comprehensive Enterprise Imaging.

Fujifilm is the only large imaging company with the MI portfolio & underlying architecture to serve as a single vendor enterprise imaging solution.

Capture, Store,
Manage, View, Share

VNA, PACS, CV, 3D, RIS, Synapse Communications, Image Exchange

Manage needs of
each department

Radiology, Cardiology & other “ologies”
DICOM & non-DICOM images


Worklist flexibility constructed / deconstructed

Improved User Efficiency.

Synapse 5 facilitates productivity and efficiency with advances in the user experience. Ondemand image viewing and interaction means there is no waiting for images to cache. This saves time and streamlines workflow.

Image Visualization at the Speed of Innovation

Fujifilm is dedicated to continually innovating image visualization. We do not believe in an exit strategy.
The investment made in evolving the Synapse platform is one example of our commitment to delivering solutions that transform healthcare. Imaging will always be a critical part of patient care. So we will be here.

  • Browser/OS Flexibility
  • Speed & Immediate Interaction
  • Efficiency Gains
  • Native MPR/Fusion & vMG Tomosynthesis
  • Interruption Workflow

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The most valuable and adaptive Medical Informatics platform, to manage enterprise imaging and information in real time, as well as diagnostic and clinical workflow.