Pisa University Hospital uses Synapse 3D to improve diagnostic management of patient during the COVID19 pandemic

By developing a new technological solution to support radiologists in the emergency room, Synapse 3D has delivered faster and more objective visual analysis of the onset of COVID-19

Arm yourself with the instant camera; immortalize yourself without, masks, gloves and full-face shields; use the instax on your lab coat. Why not? In the emergency room, at the Vimercate hospital, with Tiziana Fraterrigo and Mirco Pirola, they did not think twice: "it would be like telling the patient that behind the individual protection equipment, there is a person, with a face, with a smile", explain both.
It's enough two Fujifilm instax cameras, with mini-films, and creativity: a "commitment" to the reception, contact and relationship with the patient.
It is worth mentioning that a cooperation protocol has been signed between ASST and Fujifilm Italia regarding the evaluation of new technologies of the Japanese multinational with potential benefits for clinical services.