Healthcare is one of the main areas in which we can and must innovate, applying the digital innovation which is the fundamental lever to pursue the sustainability and appropriateness of the National Healthcare System. Universality, essential feature of the System, together with the increased life expectancy and new possibilities of care, require ever greater resources; on the other hand, economic funds are limited, and the gap is constantly growing. One is the way to respond to this emergency: digital innovation integrated with organizational renewal. It is necessary to optimize models and processes of healthcare organizations, within them and for the interaction between structures and with the patient, but most of all implement or adapt digital solutions, mainly of the Informatics area. The result we can achieve is to drastically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care pathways, while avoiding waste and abuse.

Open Innovation
Fujifilm believes that it is the intrinsic quality of the technologies that drives the effective adoption of their applications. In every field of its business Fujifilm has an open approach to innovation, shares perspectives and collaborates with other companies, even very different ones but with innovation in their DNA, develops relationships that generate mutual benefits. It is a real "open innovation", a collaborative innovation that creates virtuous circuits and value appreciated throughout the world.

Fujifilm’s Digital Innovation in Healthcare
Fujifilm's digital innovation for the healthcare focuses primarily on artificial intelligence applied to image processing and on software development. The goal of Fujifilm is to make pervasive and of high quality the contribution, the added value provided by artificial intelligence to the abilities of man, and therefore of the doctor and of other professionals in the healthcare context. Following the principle of collaborative innovation, Fujifilm shares on a large scale the benefits generated by the artificial intelligence algorithms that are, and will be, available in ever greater quantities. This result is allowed by a software that combines, best matches the artificial intelligence algorithms with the vital energy that underlies their operation: the data, the so-called “big data”, which are structured and made available with optimal formats to be processed and transformed into valuable information to improve patient care.

Smart Platform
Another example of the innovation in healthcare are the software applications developed by the Medical Informatics Research & Development Unit of Fujifilm Italia, the unit created as a result of the recent incorporation of Syncro-Med Healthcare Applications. This event, together with others already planned in the medium-term programs, states the strategic development of the Japanese multinational in our country; Fujifilm Italia is in fact since many years a pillar of the growth in Europe in the Medical business. The Research & Development Unit has as its reference the "vendor neutral" philosophy, that comes from Fujifilm's collaborative approach to innovation, and has high professional skills who work together for software development applying state-of-the-art models and technologies.
The most recent result produced by the Unit is the "Smart Platform", a modular and scalable software platform designed to optimize communication and interoperability between the computer systems of healthcare organizations, allowing controlled information sharing and data flow orchestration. The platform is the foundation of the new digital Solutions of Fujifilm Italia and makes them even more customizable and complete on a functional level.

Programs for the Future
A Japanese phrase says: "The samurai become stronger by sparring with warriors from other traditions; in this way, they acquire new weapons and strategies". For the Fujifilm Group as a whole, a summary of the future is the motto "Investment to create the future": to make available more and more resources, to grow in a virtuous way and help to enhance the quality of Life. At national level, we want to accelerate the path outlined, always combining the features of Fujifilm with the creativity and tailoring, which are typical of the Italian know-how.!