FUJIFILM @ international IMAGE 2019 in Milan.

FUJIFILM will take part in the tenth edition of the international IMAGE (International Management Advanced Gastroenterology and Endoscopy https://www.imageliveendoscopy.com/) course, ENDO GLOBAL EVENT to be held from 13 to 15 June 2019 at the Congress Center of the Humanitas Hospital in Milan.

FUJIFILM contributes to the event in its capacity as PREMIUM SPONSOR and will be present both in the exhibition area - where all the new devices for diagnostic and interventional endoscopy put on the market will be on display - and in the endoscopy room, supporting live-endoscopy operations with cutting-edge technologies. 

There will be a special focus on:

  • The innovative Multi Light™ Technology, used to illuminate the digestive system with unique colours that enable early lesions to be detected (LCI) and characterized (BLI)
  • New ERCP solutions: the ED-580XT duodenoscope is fitted with an innovative G-Lock guidewire securing system and a single-use distal end cap, to ensure accurate cleaning of the critical areas of the distal section of the duodenoscope
  • Advanced devices for interventional endoscopy (EMR, ESD and POEM):
  • Long-lasting solutions for elevating the mucosa (ELEVIEW)
  • TOP distal hoods for advanced observation of details of the mucosa (black/white)
  • Semi-rigid conical distal hoods for ESD and POEM
  • Dissectors that combine advanced flushing and/or cauterization functions (Flushknife and ClutchCutter)


Working together with the diagnostic endoscopy systems, FUJIFILM proposes the Synapse Workflow –Endoscopy Module IT solution to complete the overall management of every digestive endoscopy service.
Synapse Workflow –Endoscopy Module is an IT solution that allows clinical endoscopic activities to be managed completely, assisting the user:

  • during the preparatory phase of the procedure
  • during the procedure itself
  • in writing up the report of the examination conducted by the doctor
  • in the post-examination phase (follow-up and management of any anatomopathological addendum).

The advanced endoscopy procedures currently represent the best diagnostic/interventional methods for most gastrointestinal diseases. An Endoscopy Service that performs this type of examination must necessarily meet precise quality and efficiency requirements, laid down directly by the national and international scientific societies in the sector. Using IT solutions to manage a complete clinical workflow, providing an exhaustive, structured report and storing digital images and films assures quality and safety throughout the diagnostic process. 
Synapse Workflow –Endoscopy Module is the FUJIFILM system designed to fully satisfy these requirements, by ensuring assisted reporting and the possibility of acquiring, processing and storing exclusive endoscopic images and films over time.