Artificial Intelligence supporting healthcare systems during Covid Emergency

An important support to enhance the effectiveness of Traditional Radiology and reduce diagnosis procedure

Covid-19 is again dramatically spreading in our country and the virus has disrupted again the hospital operations running out healthcare professionals' energy and increasing workloads in an inhumane way.

In addition, the requests for CT exams - wrongly considered the only exams that allow diagnosing this particular pulmonary pathology - has grown beyond any level resulting in a more complicated process and higher costs for the national health system.

In this scenario, using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to RX exams not only improved their effectiveness but also demonstrated to be an important support for facilitating diagnosis and for quickly identifying new cases.

In this sense, Fujifilm has developed REiLI, the Artificial Intelligence platform integrated with the Lunit Insight CXR module. In the past, Lunit Insight CXR has already validated for the analysis and detection of the main lung diseases (nodules, fibrosis, and consolidation) and now the algorithm has enhanced to support the identification of Coronavirus pneumonia.

REiLI and Lunit Insight CXR are used directly for chest radiography which happens to be a first exam less invasive and easily delivered.

The results received by REiLI establish precious support for the radiologist, who is called to meet a surplus of exams, to make quick decisions, to diagnose the disease and to observe it effectively over time.

To learn more about the contribution of AI to Traditional Radiology during the first phase of the pandemic, we link to the case history realized in collaboration with the ASST Vimercate Hospital.
Moreover, we kindly invite you to see the webinar with Ing. Giovanni Delgrossi, ASST Vimercate at this link:

Fujifilm thanks those who work every day in the field to fight the disease, to help to know it and to prevent it.