Fully scalable, Synapse PACS can evolve from a small installation, dimensioned to handle few modalities, to the complete management of the Diagnostic Imaging Department, even distributed across multiple sites, saving the initial investment.

  • Performances: Fujifilm has developed effective technology to increase the performances in term of fast image displaying and high reduction in network utilization.
  • Individual hanging protocols: Individual hanging protocols: Fujifilm has developed effective tools to automate the presentation of diagnostic information: Reading protocols. These provide a structured representation of examination content and user settings. A presentation series offers the ability to assign each view a specific aspect in the diagnostic process. Users can develop their own reading protocols or rely on hundreds of templates that are stored in the library.
  • PowerJacket: SYNAPSE provides one-touch access to all relevant patient information. Prior exams, clinical notes, documents, voice files, results, images and other data are all available at any workstation.
  • Common View: Patient information canbe stored in any number of different sources: common view is a powerful tool that allows the user to see all comparison studies from all data sources, and even from other vendors' PACS, into one view automatically. Common view eliminates the problems caused by differing ID number schemes by using advanced matching algorithms that do the hard work for you.
  • Compression without loss of quality: Synapse makes the most of your infrastructure with Fujifilm’s unique patented compression technology. This technology combines high compression ratios without sacrificing image quality. Fujifilm’s unique approach allows on-demand access to the entire patient history.
  • Multi site PACS: A modern radiology department is an important division within the hospital infrastructure - not only in terms of network storage, but also in terms of workflow, therefore departments need efficient tools to create a radiology department without borders. Fujifilm has realised that to be successful, PACS must bring together multiple devices, each with its own location based information systems and various user groups. At the same time it is important to remain scalable; Synapse architecture contributes to this goal.
  • System Administrator: Fujifilm recognizes that the management of your PACS is more than just connecting modalities and adding users. With Synapse you not only have a tool at hand to work with the PACS, it also allows the PACS to work for itself. The key to this is the Synapse Web Administration Tool (SWAT).
  • Integrating multiple information systems: Integrating multiple information systems: Often there are advantages when multiple pages are combined into a common database, even if no common demographic information system exists. The consolidation of data sources is a unique technology from Fujifilm, which enables a single synapse database to manage image and text information from different facilities, each with different HL7 based information systems, therefore increasing efficiency.