Synapse Mobility utilizes the latest server side rendering technology to stream imaging securely and fast to any authorized user, with the ability to open within applications, directly from your EHR, or on our mobile device apps.

  • Accessibility: Synapse Mobility grants the visualization of DICOM and native non-DICOM objects from any PACS and VNA systems, from any client based on PC and Mac platforms, using a multi-browser support, and from mobile devices such as iPad / iPhone or Android-based through special Apps.
  • Zero Foot Print: Synapse Mobility is a real Zero Foot Print (ZFP) solution. It utilizes the latest server-side rendering technology to stream imaging securely and fast to any authorized user, so no sensitive data is stored permanently on the server neither on the client, or downloaded to the mobile device.
  • Image Quality Displaying: Synapse Mobility is not just limited to a static image display, but enables interactive manipulation of images using zoom, window / level, MIP / MPR and 3D visualization, providing tools similar to those found on a diagnostic workstation.
  • Collaboration: SYNAPSE Mobility's Collaboration feature allows multiple users to view images simultaneously, and to take control of them as they are presented in real time, thereby improving speed, efficiency and patient care. Collaboration functionality includes embedded audio video: participants may see and hear each other in a collaboration session on both web and mobile iOS devices.
  • Security: Synapse Mobility has implemented strict security features to put in safe the sensitive patient data: LDAP/AD integration, encrypted URL, no download of the data and mandated access.
  • Diagnostic accuracy: Thanks to certification as a medical device under European Directive 93/42 / EEC, radiologists and clinicians may operate accurately and safety, increasing accessibility to patient information and improving the process of care.