FUJFILM and IECISA go one step further to consolidate their leadership in digital transformation projects in the healthcare field, collaborating in the modernization and digital evolution of SESCAM.

FUJIFILM - UTE IECISA are in charge of developing, with SESCAM, this ambitious project of digital innovation in the health field and that will represent an important qualitative leap.
This will allow the updating and improvement of diagnostic tools, the evolution from the radio-diagnostic system to the entire medical image to be available throughout the network of SESCAM centers and the incorporation of elements for compliance with European legislation on dosimetry and radiological protection.

FUJIFILM and IECISA execute the implementation project of this new global digitalization system, dealing with the supply of technology and hardware, the training of professionals and the start-up of the diagnostic imaging network, in an ambitious modernization plan and digital transformation in the health sector.

The Ykonos project -pioneer and leader of this type of solutions- currently reaches an important extension in SESCAM, with more than 28.5 million radiology studies, 659,000 reports based on digital dermatology, 2.8 million anatomy reports available in the network, or 92,384 of nuclear medicine. All of them are available and accessible from all the hospitals and for primary care physicians.

In the Ykonos VII project, awarded to the FUJIFILM - UTE IECISA, the acquisition flows of the radiological tests, will also be improved and streamlined to increase productivity. The Ykonos project is already proving useful in the care activity, the diagnostic improvement, the training of professionals and the possibility of carrying out inter-consultations or second opinions with other expert clinicians inside and outside the SESCAM health network.