Fujifilm exhibited its Synapse suite and REiLI, the Artificial Intelligence initiative, during the HIMSS Health 2.0 European Conference the last june in Finland, where over 2,000 participants attended the most influential digital health event of the year.

The conference was packed with inspiring keynotes and practical workshops for the participants, our booth had a great success, and a lot of attendees from European countries visited our booth, this allowed us to catch the visitor’s high interest about our solutions.

The focus on live demonstrations of REiLI, and specifically the speed and depth of integrated workflow achieved with our new Synapse 5 server-side PACS system. The server-side-rendering technology and the centralized processing of Synapse 5 allow easy application of the Artificial Intelligence technology within the normal workflow management tool to support of health professionals.

The new open platform not only host Fujifilm’s AI technologies, but also host various other AI technologies from outdoor partners. Thanks to this, we can provide embedded workflows that include algorithms developed internally by Fujifilm engineering teams or integrate third party algorithms (either from existing suppliers or AI solutions that are being created directly by Healthcare Providers. This solution provides additional clinical information directly to the Radiologist allowing the most informed clinical decision and also the best possible patient diagnosis.

We support our customers’ by combining diverse AI technologies offering them the greatest support for their daily work which is currently increasing due to the sheer volume of Imaging scans as well as the difficulty of the diseases their patients are facing.

The Fujifilm Synapse portfolio is focused on supporting and collaborating with radiologists. Artificial intelligence technology can help radiologists aggregate PHI faster for more informed decisions, and prioritize their time and work more effectively. It can help to transform healthcare, to create an open and clear system oriented to the patients’ need. One of the most significant aims of IT healthcare implementation is to improve the patient service quality.

Fujifilm is going to partner with its strategic customers in the European market to draw upon clinical insights and expertise to bridge AI applications with Imaging Informatics Solutions.

In an increasingly complex healthcare environment with massive datasets and rising demand for high quality care, AI technology has the potential to change the practice of medicine.

See you the next year at Himss 2020 in Helsinki! NEVER STOP!