FUJIFILM @ the last IMAGE 2019 in Milan.

The tenth and latest edition of the international IMAGE (International Management Advanced Gastroenterology & Endoscopy) event was held at the Congress Centre of the Humanitas University Hospital, Milan from 13 to 15 June 2019; as usual, the event was dedicated to specialists in gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy, and during live-endoscopy focused a great deal on the presentation and use of cutting-edge technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive tract lesions.
The brainchild of Prof. Alessandro Repici, head of the Digestive Endoscopy Operating Unit of the Humanitas University Hospital, the IMAGE event was first held in 2010; from the very beginning, Prof. Repici brought together leading Italian and international experts in the endoscopic treatment of the digestive system to jointly discuss the use of innovative approaches, new classifications and cutting-edge devices.

There is one key premise underlining FUJIFILM’s participation in IMAGE: to provide the clinical experts engaged in live-endoscopy activities with the latest technologies and expert specialist support. To this end, FUJIFILM has always made available the best possible know-how (a team of European and Japanese clinical specialists) and the most cutting-edge technologies. In fact, on a number of occasions IMAGE was the showcase chosen by FUJIFILM for the world preview of its latest technological innovations. This has seen the company move from the 500 series used during the early editions, to the 600 series in 2013 to arrive at ELUXEO, used for the first time ever in a live-endoscopy in 2016.

This year, FUJIFILM coordinated its release of the new web-based training tool relating to the new BASIC (BLI Adenoma Serrated International Classification) classification with IMAGE, available from 13 June 2019 on the BLI clinical portal at https://www.bli.eu/2019/04/04/official-opening/. In addition, it was clinically shown that the new LCI chromoendoscopy can effectively support the identification of early colon lesions significantly more than white light.

At the FUJIFILM stand, we saw a heightened interest in both the hardware and software solutions presented.

Some of the most appreciated equipment included the innovative lighting technologies (ELUXEO™ - MultiLight™ Technology), the advanced operational endoscopy devices (ELEVIEW™, TOP HOODS, SHORT TYPE HOODS, FlushKninfe Slim BTs - Ns and ClutchCutter) and the new duodenoscope with removable, single-use end cap and G-Lock guidewire securing system.

The important interplay between technology and IT also met with great interest, thanks to the integration of the ELUXEO™ endoscopy column and the Synapse WF Endo software system for managing the entire endoscopic workflow.

The point of contact between the two systems is indubitably the attention and care for diagnostic imaging, which has always been one of Fujifilm's objectives and strengths worldwide.

Just like in the radiology field, Fujifilm has created this important combination of the instrumentation that generates the diagnostic images and the software solutions used to record, display and report them, thus offering considerable support to doctors for the benefit of patients and their care.

By integrating endoscopy columns with information technology, geographical boundaries can be transcended, allowing Clinical Facilities to make images available wherever the referring physician is present, regardless of where they were produced. Indeed, the technologies and infrastructure available today make it possible to create multi-site projects and real remote reporting networks.
All of this generated considerable interest at IMAGE 2019 and has paved the way for major new developments.