“We had very intense days at the Synapse booth. We had opportunity to show our products, with fully booked  customer demo. In comparison with last year, we had an increase of interest and permanence into the booth to experience our offer and go in depth of all the added value of Synapse solution. The booth was specifically created to maximize the product experience and we reached our target.  In particular, in the second day of ECR we had very important visits of prospects from UK, Italy and even Middle East. All the demo sessions were active, which means an increase of interest and consistency. We are very happy for this result. The interest from customers was focused on Synapse 5 our PACS evolution. Pacs is nowadays a commodity, so the market is very keen in  understanding how we have been able to transform PACS.
The complete workflow achieved high interest. Not only PACS, but also VNA, 3D, Mobility which are very attractive. The client have been very happy to see the overall platform power, Synapse viewing capability but also archiving capability. Speed, performance, service to clients: all these pillars have been appreciated by the market and we expect a significant growth this year.”

Fujifilm @ECR 2017, Vienna 1-5 March, Booth 209.


Link: https://www.myesr.org/ecr-2017