SYNAPSE 3D is Fujifilm's market leading advanced visualization tool for diagnosis, clinical decision support and surgical planning. It is designed to provide trained medical imaging professionals, including Radiologists, Cardiologist and Surgeons with tools to aid them in reading, interpreting, reporting, and treatment planning.
Synapse 3D delivers clinical value through consistently accurate and fast image processing for Radiology, Cardiology and surgical pre-operational simulation

Ms Junko Nakano, Lead Clinical Specialist for Synapse 3D Advanced Visualisation in Fujifilm Japan, speaks about the success of Synapse 3D in the last year, and the medium term roadmap for the Synapse 3D product.
“Synapse 3D continues to play an important role in enabling clinical diagnosis and improving patient outcomes. The latest release of Synapse 3D provides 44 advanced applications including       Brain Vessel Analysis, CT and MR Cardiac Function Analysis, CT Liver Analysis and Lung Analysis.”
“The next major release of Synapse 3D is version 5, expected in Q1 CY18. This release will be significant as it would herald in a new level of integration with Synapse PACS version 5.
Synapse 3D version 5 will be fully integrated within Synapse PACS so that the 2 products become seamlessly as one. The Synapse 3D tools will be launched and used fully within the PACS client/window. The single PACS/3D integrated platform will provide advanced image processing tools on a zero footprint client, delivering a fast and efficient workflow to clinicians.
Some of the exciting new features in Synapse 3D version 5 will include PI-RADS (Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System) and CT Cardiac Perfusion, Ms Junko added.”

Fujifilm @ECR 2017, Vienna 1-5 March, Booth 209.