“Fujifilm, originally established as a maker of photosensitive materials, has developed diverse core technologies and capitalized on them in developing a variety of products and materials. From photography the company evolved creating  new products and new technologies, but it was not enough, big questions arose: what can we do with them, how to put them into the market and reach the needs of new customers. That’s why we started the concept of “OPEN INNOVATION HUB”, a place where potential customers and Fujifilm can interact to co-create new value by combining our state-of-the-art core technologies based on our expertise on photosensitive materials and ongoing projects with market concrete needs.

Three years ago we  started in Japan, achieving a big success, so we decided to expand to the US. Last year we open the Open Innovation Hub in Tilburg, The Netherlands, but we love to participate in all the Fujifilm exhibitions with a selection of technologies to show the potential in terms of new business creations. It’s an opportunity to meet professionals and attract their attention towards our core technologies. Here at ECR, people are much interested in diagnostic equipment or medical informatics solutions of course, but we demonstrate that Fujifilm can do much more in medical field. For example what you see here at ECR is our endoscope but we have also innovative solution for drug delivery and administration, for example a micro needles array that you can attach to your skin and that provides drug. We also have Cellnest, our top product for regenerative medicine, a recombinant peptide made via biotechnologies.

In our Open Innovation Hub we organize co-creation session where we show our technologies, we connect to the needs of customers and then we try to figure out what can we do together. At the Open Innovation Hub, high-value innovations that will contribute to a better future are created by forging links between the functional value generated from diverse core technologies and the challenges and needs of our business partners and society as a whole.”

Fujifilm @ECR 2017, Vienna 1-5 March, Booth 209.


Link: https://www.myesr.org/ecr-2017