The benefits of 3D reconstruction for lung cancer surgery

Lung cancer is a real public health issue nowadays, with more than 2 millions new cases per year worldwide. In France, it is the second incident cancer and the leading cause of cancer mortality, with five-year survival, at all stages, of only 15 to 20%.

The problem is that this disease is too often diagnosed at a late stage, whereas it is curable if detected at an early stage.

Today, unfortunately, only 15 to 20% are diagnosed at a stage localized to the lungs and they can benefit of the surgery, which is the gold standard treatment. The surgery should then be carried with minimally invasive techniques, by developing parenchymal sparing and the place of radical segmentectomy for those small lesions. One of the challenges of the thoracic surgeon today is in choosing the right intervention and the right path first according to each patient condition. To help doctors, 3D reconstruction is crucial, as it makes it possible to check whether, ontologically, the planned excision is satisfactory with sufficient safety margins.

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