The observed changes in Europe on the growing need for collaboration between medical facilities, as a natural response to the need to make the "central" in the patient care process, in France have become reality with the creation of so-called GHT (Hospital Groups in the Territory) included into the new health law.

The provision of IT solutions for the "GHT" emerging today is one of the priorities for Fujifilm "Medical" in France.
SYNAPSE VNA, allows to evenly store health data in the same health facility and among the group of partners. It then laid the foundation for this converging information system. In this first phase of transformation required by law, the establishment of the VNA (neutral archive) allows to postpone the time of replacement of business applications, and to respect the obsolescence of the latter. Meanwhile, health care providers can quickly access all stored health data.

SYNAPSE MOBILITY is a universal effective and powerful viewer. It allows the consultation of the data by the shared workgroup. The application includes advanced collaboration capabilities that create the link between active medical teams in GHT and allows them to work together regardless of the patient's location or dall''applicazione that generated the data.

At JFR 2016 Fujifilm team will be available to share with its customers the first installation in the context of SYNAPSE VNA GHT, simulating the operation. Thanks to Synapse Connext tool you can also store photos captured by the department of dermatology. SYNAPSE MOBILITY is used to view the data saved in any of the patient's file format. Extending the solution to all the other structures of the GHT, the CHR is to support hospital, and interfacing with the regional PACS "Medial", are the next steps of the plant project.

Great expectations for the presentation of SYNAPSE 5, the evolution of the species.

SYNAPSE 5, the next version of FUJIFILM PACS that will be presented at the JFR 2016 is based on the HTML5 protocol support. With the introduction of major technological innovations, it satisfies the new requirements related to SYNAPSE VNA, the robust workflow tool for all radiology imaging uses.

"We are sure to bring to market the right answers through this innovative approach," says Pedro Mesquita. "We developed the Hub to offer all health care professionals a point of immediate access to the Synapse universe, and start a constructive dialogue with them. Very soon, this sales and marketing platform will be enhanced with new tools to improve further the ' overall experience that professionals have of the brand. An approach in line with our global strategy. "

At JFR in Paris, the present and the future of Fujifilm Synapse will go live.